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Hi! It's about random stuff that has happened in my life along with my interests. Some things I like:
Shadow of the Colossus
Eureka Seven
Legend of Dragoon
weather (observing is my job, but familiar with forecasting and briefing) and many others!

My account on fanfiction.net is the same as this url. Formerly it was A crazy Airman. Still only has Hetalia fanfics on it at this time. I served 4 years active duty in the USAF and am proud of my service. Also, I am from the Niagara Frontier and a female.

That said, I do try to be friendly, but I do have my moments. Ask me anything, I don't bite! Most of the time...
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So I called two different exterminator companies to get rid of the woodchuck. The first one I called I didn’t get a hold of anyone and was sent to their voicemail…which was full and ended the call. So I called another company, was able to leave a message and the guy got back to me in a few minutes. Was able to get an estimate and set up an appointment for him to get that woodchuck. Although…I did get that other guy trying to call me back while I was talking, but obviously I was busy. He didn’t leave a message. Oh! He just called back and I told him that I have someone else working on it. And that was that!

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hey wanna hear a joke

well too bad someone on tumblr might take it seriously

and what the fuck do you mean by that

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Warrior by Alejandro Arteaga on Flickr.
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Milky Way over Mt. Hood, Oregon
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Just to clarify 

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'Tasmania Freycinet Peninsula East Coast Sunrise Web' by Adam Bolt Photography
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